Still there is room

Luke 14:22-24
22 “And the servant said, ‘Master, it is done as you commanded, and still there is room.’
23 Then the master said to the servant, ‘Go out into the highways and hedges, and compel them to come in, that my house may be filled.
24 For I say to you that none of those men who were invited shall taste my supper.'”

Have you ever been invited to a party by someone you don’t even know? I think it would be a strange feeling, wandering around the room, meeting new people, seeing almost-familiar faces, and getting treated to foods and favors from a stranger’s table.

Of course, you would have to accept the invitation first. And I expect, before you would accept that invitation, you would ask around: “What is this man like? Where does he come from? Can he be trusted? What is it like at his house?” You would seek out people whom YOU knew who also knew this fellow that invited you. You would undoubtedly want to know the directions to this stranger’s house – not only so you could get there, but just in case you wanted to leave and go home. Of course, if he’s the richest guy in town, you probably won’t WANT to leave. But it never hurts to plan ahead, right?

Christ Jesus has sent out the invitation to enter His Father’s house and dine with Him. The way to Him is not necessarily easy, but the more you know about Him and His Father, the more you will realize what blessings He has to offer. Once you get there, I seriously doubt you’ll want to leave. The sad part is that God sent the invitation to others first, and many have refused Him. So, “still there is room.”

When we share the gospel of Christ, we have to remember that the redemption Christ offers is more than a salvation from our past, it is an invitation to a better future. Our mortal lives will not necessarily get easier, but God will find ways to bless us on the road to His home. And when we finally arrive, we will find that the banquet at the Father’s table was well worth whatever things we went through to get there. So invite someone today to come dine with the King of kings, and tell them that no matter who they are or where they’ve been, He is waiting for them. There is still plenty of room.

Lord God Almighty, I am humbled that You, the Creator of the universe, would invite me to Your table, to be with You and share a meal. You gave us the Body of Christ as bread for our souls, and the Blood of Christ as wine for our sins. Such a meal no one has ever given before, a meal of salvation. Thank You, O Lord. I accept the invitation, and I will pass on the call to others on my way home to You. Amen.


About Glenn Pettit

I am a deacon at The Well of Iowa, and a father and grandfather. Called to teach and to preach, I write fresh messages about the Bible every now and then.
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